MEGA Anniversary Sale: BOGO FREE

Limited time only! To celebrate Romancing the Dragon turning one, we’re having one heck of a Buy One, Get One FREE sale!

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$25 if you provide graphic (one graphic will run daily in our newsletter for one week) $35 if we provide graphic.

Ad options

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$50 /week. For this sale only, there’s no limit to graphics. We will only feature three a day per author, but if you send us ten graphics, we’ll put them into our rotation. Our social media is 9,000 on Facebook, plus another 7,000 on Twitter. (If we need to make graphics, they are $10/piece)

Social Media Ad (with our graphics)

$35 Newsletter Blast (Buy one GET ONE FREE) 24 hour notice is all we need.

$35 Newsletter Blast + Social Media Blast (regular $50) 24 hour notice is all we need for this.

$35 Series Blast/Author Blast (regular $50) 3 day notice is all we need for this.

$50 Multi-Newsletter Blast (Buy one GET ONE FREE) 2 week notice requested

**Notes: All options can be purchased in advance. If you don’t have a specific date or ASIN, it’s no problem. Just email me at when you’re ready to snag a date!