Romancing the Dragon’s Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much lead time do you need to run a book in the newsletter blast?

A: Most days, I only need a day, as long as it’s a newsletter blast. If you pay and fill out the form late at night (I’m on CST time) just send me a personal message through my Facebook. That’s the quickest way to reach me. Please PLEASE use this profile, as it’s the one I check the most. I can’t guarantee your request if it goes to my author profile or the RtD page. Or you can email me at edenashe@gmail.com.

That said, I do need at least three days for series blasts, as I have to make a custom banner for it. 


Q: What if I need/want a service that you don’t currently offer?

A: Join our Facebook group. I’m always open to adding new services, and I try very hard to work on a ‘say yes’ policy. So if you need a specific service, I will do my best to accommodate you. If we don’t currently offer that service, I’ll find a way to offer it.


Q: Can you tell me how many books I sold through my newsletter blast?

A: I can tell you how many clicks your book received through the newsletter. And because I use Amazon Affiliates, after two days, I can give you the number of books sold. I cannot, however, tell you how many copies of free books were downloaded, how many books were downloaded through Kindle Unlimited, or how many pre-orders were bought.


Q: Do you only focus on paranormal romance?

A: Nope, not at all. In fact, we have a large section of readers who love multiple genres. So if you have a book, give us a chance to help you promote it.


Q: My book is rated XXX. Can you still run it?

A: Absolutely! However, I will run a warning at the top of the newsletter that the content inside is adult and only those 18+ should open.


Q: I paid through PayPal, but I never received the Google Form. What do I do?

A:  Easy-peasy. The form is here: SCHEDULING FORM

Q: I paid through PayPal, filled out the form, but never received a confirmation. How can I be sure my blast will go out?

A: If you filled out the Google Form, you’re all set. I get an immediate email when someone has filled it out, and within the next hour or two, as soon as I can get to my computer, I add it to my calendar. I’m working on a way to send out a calendar reminder, but I’m just one person. But, again, rest assured if you filled out the form, you’re good to go. 


Q: Where can I go to learn about sales, deals, and exclusive offers for authors? 

A: There are two groups you need to be in. The first is Romancing the Dragon and the second is Marketing and Promotion for Authors, run by myself and the gorgeous Samantha Holt, who runs Love Books.